Schriftman, KC

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Schriftman, KC

Poem to K.C.

By Ross Schriftman

May 31, 2009



She handed me back my dog in a little box. The nice girl at the Vet.  16 years of life, just a little box. I said thank you and took my little dog in the little box back home. "Come on, I said to the box, "We are going home." 


My Mother's dog. 14 years of long walks with Mom all through the neighborhood. Sniffing, wagging her tail and loving  the petting she received from children along the way. "Can I pet your dog?" the children used to say. "She is so cute!


Now Mom can't walk because her head doesn't tell her feet how to walk. I ask my Mom, "Is your head working good today? Her inseparable friend; the dog, she got old and sick. Two years of life added at the end through my Mom's love and caring for her little dog.


Now I take her home. I will open the little box and our little dog will dance on the wind. 16 years of companionship.  Good friend.  I thank you and love you. Farewell



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