Big Guy

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Big Guy

On Saturday, May 18, 2013 I, too soon, lost a very cherished friend; one of the most amazing devoted cats I have ever owned. His mane was Big Guy, a 12 year old, 22lb red DSH feral neutered male cat. He was part of a feral colony I was taking care of at my job and was one year old before I tamed him. At one point he disappeared for 30 days and I assumed he had died in the woods. However, I was called to a culvert on the job site were a cat could be heard meowing. With the help of a security guard, we lifted the grate and there was Big Guy. I immediately put him in my truck and brought him home.


This cat had a proud lion-like majestic stride to his walk and walked with me he did. He and I would walk the perimeter of my property and he seldom left the yeard. He had his favorite bushes he would lie under and stayed by my side when picking raspberries. He even chased a neighbor's boxer as if he was protecting me. And talk, this guy was a talker.


He had a wonderful fulfilling life with me for 10 years. His two best friends were Spooks a DSH black cat and Baby, a DSH young red cat. Now when Spooks goes outside, he checks all Big Guy's bushes and when Baby comes into the living room, his eyes immediately go to the back of the couch.


Eventhough I have other rescue cats, Big Guy filled the house. This cat's relationship with me was very unique. I thought I had more time. He was taken suddenly and too soon.


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