Brown, Carmella

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Brown, Carmella

Carmella Brown
July 2, 2001- June 12, 2015

The summer of 2001 changed our lives forever. We had the privilege of adopting Carmella from a very special couple. She had boundless energy and was not a very good listener. In puppy class at the local pet store, she managed to knock over a glass aquarium. Thank goodness it was empty! The trainer handed us her graduation certificate and sarcastically wished us luck. Her antics continued until the day she left us. We have so  many stores. Some were horrifying like the time she broke out of our yard to swim in the neighbors pool or the time our young daughter had her leash and Carmella ran dragging her across the neighbors lawn. Mostly, our memories are heartwarming, like summer vacations, and how she would greet us at the door jumping and wagging her tail. She loved swimming and boating and just being with her family.

Our experience with Carmella lead us to rescue and foster other dogs. We currently have two rescues, who were previous shelter dogs. Carmella taught us how to live life to the fullest, be happy, open our hearts and home to other less fortunate animals and cherish our loved ones.
Carmella will forever be in our hearts.


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