Peck/Zanowiak, Cole

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Peck/Zanowiak, Cole

Dear Dr. Jackson & loving staff,

I'm not sure if "Cole" our German Shepard family member looked familiar to anyone there. I know through the years Katrina & her staff have been selfless to so many.
In 2007, Dr. Jackson & her staff SAVED his life going above and beyond on that day way more than they needed too.
Cole had been in another clinic for 3 days after we found him vomiting. After multiple ultrasounds & x-rays not one Dr. at the clinic could figure out his "mystery illness".  I met Dr. Jackson a few years earlier during a job interview hoping for a position at the newest, most ever convenient up and coming facility Bucks County VETS. I have never met such an amazing, dedicated and inspiring individual like Dr. Katrina Jackson. We stayed in contact, (I REALLY wanted to work for her) and she, just a few years later, made a miracle happen for my new growing family, and our pup "Cole".
After calling her in a panic, learning there was no hope for Cole. She instructed I swoop him up, IV fluid line still intact from the clinic and bring him immediately to her. As I and my daughters are ever so thankful we did.
In shock, but not in doubt at all. The amazing woman for whom I had always admired, SOLVED THE MYSTERY ILLNESS!!! 
He had been an intact male and had a "knack" for eating strange things.... She pumped him full of fluids and eventually called to tell me he had eaten something and finally passed it! We were perplexed as to why the many tests done didn't show this blockage. Not surprised at all though after she had explained it couldn't be seen because it was silica! He almost died.... from eating a diaper!
Dr. Jackson you are a real life saver!!! And we didn't want our "stinky diaper eating furry friend" being in the hands of anyone but HIS living guardian angel & her dedicated staff. 
Thank you... I know I must have said it 100x then. I promise I will repeat it 100x more with the many people I share this story with and send your way. 
On behalf of our beloved Cole, my children and I. I wanted to say Thank you again & we will be forever grateful for performing that miracle due to your dedication and hard work. He gave us 12 loving and loyal years of happiness.
Raechel Potchak-Zanowiak &
The Zanowiak/Peck Family


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