Hafner, Mr. Wiggles

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Hafner, Mr. Wiggles
On March 15, 2017 we put our handsome Mr. Wiggles down. Dr. Jackson and the staff were wonderful and so incredibly caring. 
Attached is a photo of Mr. Wiggles in one of his favorite spots on the steps.
A special note on Dr. Jackson: 
I was incredibly impressed with how honest and caring she was. I have been to other emergency vets before and the fees are astronomical. I am a nurse myself and know the costs of certain items. I felt the fees charged were very fair and reasonable. 
Furthermore, It was impressive how Dr. Jackson was more concerned for us than trying to earn an extra buck. She didn't charge us for any unnecessary interventions and she even offered for us to take the labs you drew to our own vet to decrease the cost. Impressive. 
On the staff: 
I apologize that I can't remember the name of the tech who was on the evening of 3/14. It was such a crazy night but she was our angel! She was amazing. She was waiting for us when we got there. She assured us they would take care of him and stop his seizures. I was so relieved that we didn't have to watch him seize while we filled out paperwork. You can tell she cares about each and every animal she cares for.
Thank you all for making a terrible situation more bearable. The memorial bag, foot print, certificate, card, and beautiful card were so special. It was worth every penny!


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