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Bucks County VETS was founded in 2001 to serve the local community's pet emergency needs. In 2006, we added the Bucks Animal Rehabilitation Center. We have now expanded to a three doctor emergency practice including four certified veterinary technicians and a friendly, knowledgeable support staff.


Katrina S. Jackson, V.M.D.

Dr. Jackson graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She practiced small animal emergency medicine for 10 years prior to opening BC Vets. She has been the director and a practicing emergency veterinarian at BC Vets since 2002.


In 2005 she completed a series of classes for Animal Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation and in 2006 opened the Bucks Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) at the BC Vets location. BARC is now the area's premier animal rehabilitation facility.


Dr. Jackson has been involved in equine regulatory medicine, racetrack emergency service, and a volunteer veterinarian for the Iditarod sled dog race. She enjoys horseback riding, gardening, skiing and traveling.


Her extensive animal family consists of sled dog, Keni, two cats, Helen and Winkie, and her Quarter Horse/carriage horse in training, Billy Bo Jangles. Many of her pets also donate blood at the hospital for dogs and cats in need of transfusions.Copy goes here

Sean Hoffman, D.V.M.

Dr. Hoffman graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Science and then from Iowa State University with his DVM. He has worked as an independent contractor since 2000 and specifically for BC Vets since 2004.  Sean enjoys skiing and bowling with his children. His family treasures their dog Paisley who is a basset hound/rottie mix, and their five cats (Baghera, Danny, Kugel, Knaidl, Gizzy) along with many fish.


David Lauer, M.S., V.M.D.
Dr. Lauer received his A.B. Degree from Lafayette College, his M.S. from Old Dominion University and his V.M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His career experience includes working in a private practice, emergency medicine, pharmacovigilance, corporate practice, and Peace Corps in Ecuador. He enjoys botany, bird watching, history, and tinsmithing. His pet family consists of 12 chickens, 2 yellow golden pheasants, 4 ring-necked pheasants, a red eared slider turtle, numerous fish and many native plants.


Our office manager comes from a varied career background as a credit manager, small business owner, system manager and designer and project manager. He is a Navy veteran. Russ shares his home with his long-haired chihuahua Mac, and his two cats Prancer and Dylan. He has lived in Bucks County for 25 years and is an avid golfer and serves as the treasurer on the Warrington Lions Club.


Having been with us since 2008, Barb utilizes her organization skills that she honed during 27 years of working for the State. Barb belongs to the Delaware Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. She has 4 Yorkies, a Shitzu, and a Maltese. Her youngest Yorkie is currently being shown. Two mischevious cats round out Barb's animal family.



As a receptionist at BC Vets, Lynn uses her work experience as a legal secretary, assistant administrator and bookkeeper. She is also a fine art dealer. Lynn owns a farm in New Jersey where she has a horse racing and breeding operation.
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One of our receptionists who is here to greet you. Mary has been with us since we first opened our doors and adds a friendly calming smile to our family of support staff. Mary has experience working with a diverse population as both a school bus driver for 10 years and an administrative assistant for 15 years. Entertaining, reading, writing animal stories, gardening and cooking are some of Mary's favorite activities. Mary and her husband share their home with four cats - Jacob Jean (8 yrs), Vera Lynn (10 yrs), Oliver Lee (5 yrs) and Willow Weiner (9 yrs).


A Certified Veterinary Technician with over 15 years experience who graduated from Manor College. Michelle is also part owner of a Tattoo shop in Bucks County and enjoys reading or listening to books. Her "pet family" consists of a sweet dog named Bean who is a five-year-old King Charles. Bean was rescued by Michelle at 3 weeks of age from a "Puppy Mill" and is both blind and deaf. Michelle also has adopted several kittens and cats who have special needs.


One of our Certified Veterinary Technicians, Christine is a long term employee of BC Vets. Christine has her AS in Veterinary Technology from Manor College and hopes to complete her BS in Animal Science from Del Val College this year. Christine loves animals and is most happy surrounded by a pack of dogs and a few cats. Currently she and her husband have adopted three dogs (Anna - Lab Mix, Little Varmit - dachshund, and Trey - Australian Shepherd). They also have five cats, a New Zealand rabbit and a tank of African fish. Christine loves the Fall and is a kid when it comes to celebrating Halloween.



Amy has been in the veterinary field for six years. She loves working at Bucks VETS but much prefers spending as much time as possible with her family and "baby boy" who has stolen her heart. Amy shares her home with three furry family members as well, A cat named Baby, and dog named Noggie and a hamster who is Super Hero. Both her cat and dog were rescued.




Spending five years in animal ER & ICU, Liz provides excellent care to our pet clients as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Liz attended Manor College and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Liz has two pitbull mix dogs and an English lop ear rabbit.
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With over 25 years working in the field of medicine, Ingrid brings much knowledge and skill to her receptionist position. Ingrid loves animals and has done rescue work for over 20 years. She also enjoys gardening and cultivating indoor and outdoor plants. Ingrid's home is shared with many furry and feathered friends including her two Chow Chows, kittens, rabbits and birds.
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Kristin has a background in business and finance and has completed her BSN and is studying for her Boards. In 2007 she become a Veterinary Technician and has worked at a number of vet practices including day practices and speciality practices. Kristin has two dogs (Teddy & Toby - also known as "The Hooligans") and three cats, Booger, Louie and Qunicy.


John is a recent addition to our staff and is currently attending Bates College where he majors in Anthropology. He plans to continue his eduction to become a Vet. John has a 10 year old Cockapoo named Abby.


Jack is a Veterinary Tech Assistant and has a Bachelor Degree in small animal science. He is currently applying to Vet schools and waiting to see what the future holds. He has a bearded dragon who is about 2.5 years old.


From volunteering in animal emergency rooms, rescues, clinics, and doing cardiovascular research with canines, Anna has always had a huge passion for the well-being of animals. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Kinesiology at Temple University, and has been accepted to physical therapy school to pursue her doctorate. In the future, Anna hopes to be practicing physical therapy, and specializing in animal rehabilitation. Currently, she has a loving Pitbull that she rescued 5 years ago, Layla, and two cockatiels named Oreo and Baby. A fun fact about Anna is that she is fluent in Polish, and loves to visit her family abroad.


Sarah is a Certified Veterinary Technician and received her Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology with a concentration in biology. She recently completed an internship in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sarah has two dogs - Tuffy and Penny.


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